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Viacom $ in Chicago = end to free speech!

Viacom has other Mtv shows in Chicago, and they admit Viacom is spending tons of money here. That money motivates city politicians.
I work retail in Chicago's Gold Coast. Today, "the female equivalent to jackass" came to our store. They pulled a prank with women pasting excessive body hair in certain areas of their bodies in order to guage male responses. None of us were that impressed (we're all pretty much activists and used to anything), still they were in our store with multiple cameras trying on inline skates and clothing. we wondered what the hell was up, and then they revealed themseves asking us for interviews and to sign waivers and release forms for Mtv. I told them that i felt that Mtv's parent company Viacom was responsible for a dozen of my closest friends spending the night in jail last satuday night. I gave them the complete run of events and especially the suppression of 1st amendment rights. I put the blame squarely on Viacom and resisted signing their waiver. They were somewhat sympathetic to our cause, denied any ties to the "real world", and claimed to be activists who tricked corporate america into funding their wild ideas. they admitted that viacom was "spending lots of money in chicago" and that local politicians liked that quite a bit. i told them i thought they were two-bit actresses out to make a buck, and i kicked them out of my store.

we must continue to fight our stores and in the streets. our freedom of speech may depend on it.

good luck to all who strike out against the "real world"!




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