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Town Meeting Sounds Like Urban Renewal

Logan Square Concerned Citizens Thursday, July 26th 7pm 2539 N Kedzie
Anyone interested in fighting the encroaching gentrification coming from the Wicker/Bucktown and other areas should attend this meeting. It seems as though a neighborhood group has formed (reminiscent of neighborhood groups of the 60s and 70s Lincoln Park area), talking about the furture of Logan Square. They are meeting to discuss the "alarming" new crime statistics and problems with Ameritech service (demanding more lines for computers). I have only spotted flyers written in English at businesses that have a predominately white clientel. I do not want to judge, but this smells pecularly like urban renewal planning. Upon the unveilling of the new Western blue line stop, the closing of at least two Mexican-owned businesses on Armitage, and the tell-tale signs of condos and Starbucks, we have every reason to believe that gentrification is fast approaching, if not already arrived. BUT, we also have every reason that it can be controlled. If you live in Logan Square and/or concerned about gentrification, please attend this meeting if you can, to make sure the future of Logan Square retains affordable housing for long time residents and businesses. It's okay if new people move in, it's just not okay if they kick people of color out to take it over. Let's make sure that Logan Square will not be the site of the the next Real World Chicago! (If anyone knows anyone in Progressive Logan Square, please forward this message to them.)

Thursday, July 26th 7pm at the Logan Square Auditorium 2539 N Kedzie Blvd

Their next meeting is scheduled for Oct 11th, same bat place, same bat time.

This is their info:
Logan Square Concerned Citizens
3125 W Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60647
GoToAPro (at)



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