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Update Genoa: Worldwide Solidarity Actions and Protests - Partial List

July 24: Over 100,000 march in Italy to protest the murder of Carlo Giuliani and police violence in Genoa. Estimates: 60,000 in Milan, 40,000 in Rome, 20,000 in Bologna. Thousands more in Florence, Palermo.
Photo of demo in Rome: Assasins!

Partial list of solidarity rallies, marches and actions around the globe:

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens, Greece, Barcelona, Spain, Berlin, Germany, Hamburg, Germany, Frankfurt, Germany, Leipzig Germany, Munich, Germany, (and 21 other German cities) Prague, Czech Republic, Rio de Janero, Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brasil, Salvador, Brasil, Florianópolis, Brasil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cusco, Peru, Brussels, Belgium, Quebec City, Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Canada, Ottawa, Canada, Calgary, Canada, Vancouver, Canada, Saskatoon, Canada, Nelson, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, Mexico City, Mexico, Finland, Linz, Austria, Vienna, Austria, Graz, Austria, Innsbruck, Austria, Salzburg, Austria, Klagenfurt, Austria, Rome, Italy, Bologna, Italy, Milan, Italy, Genoa, Italy, Turin, Italy, Stockholm, Sweden, Geneva, Switzerland, Lausanne, Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland, Istanbul, Turkey, Paris, France, Lyon, France, Toulouse, France, Dijon, France, Nice, France, London, UK, Bristol, UK, Campsfield, UK, Manchester, UK, Sheffield, UK, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dublin, Ireland

US: Amherst, Berkley, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Madison, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Naperville, New Haven, New York, Philadephia, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., Portland, ME., Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington, DC



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