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real vs. doctored G8 shooting photo

The real photo of Carlo Giuliani, the murdered G8 protester, vs. the doctored "Italy" photo.
I realize this is a morbid subject, but for the sake of clarity, I felt I should bring this to people's attention.

There is a doctored photo of the shot Genoa protester, Carlo Giuliani, making its way around the web and on IMC. This in itself is not necessarily bad. But some people have mistaken the doctored "Italy" photo for the real one.

Recognize this doctored photo! The bloodstain in the doctored photo is shaped like the country of Italy. I will leave others free to speculate and analyze the meaning of the Italy bloodstain; that is not the point of this article.

The point is: If you are going to post the photo of this murder somewhere on the web, use the real photo. And make sure to recognize that the "Italy" photo is doctored.



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