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Police Brutality March on cable tv

Chicago North Side's march and protest against police brutality, which ends up at Dick Devine's house. First cablecast on Thurs. July 26.
Chicago Protests Police Brutality
& March on Dick Devine's House

Spirited march and demonstration against growing
police brutality in Chicago. Speeches and interviews
from Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Chicago Committee
to Free Mumia, Campaign to End the Death Penalty,
Comite Exigimos Justicia, and others. March ends
with protest at Dick Devine's, State's Attorney for
Cook County, house.

Channel 19, Chicago
Thurs., 9:30 pm, July 26
Fri. 4:30 pm, July 27
Thurs., 9:30 pm, Aug 2
Fri. 4:30 pm, Aug 3

This video can be purchased for $20 (includes postage).
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[Photo caption] Person guarding Dick Devine's house removes one of the many protest signs placed on his lawn.

[Photo credit] Steve Dalber/Labor Beat



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