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Invitation for Affinity Group Actions Against the "Real" World Situation

Open call for affinity groups to perform a variety of actions against the "Real" World situation, whether in Wicker Park or elsewhere.
The "Real" World is trying to edit us out of their show; not by using the latest technology, but by wasting our city's resources sending out cops to clean up their set (arresting demonstrators on the sidewalk) when they should be "protecting" and "serving" the residents of the city, not babysitting the tourists living in a house designed to fill the pockets of Viacom executives. You cannot turn the channel on gentrification, police brutality and violations of Constitutional rights. Let's show the "Real" World what the real world looks like. THIS IS AN OPEN CALL TO INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS, AND/OR AUTONOMOUS GROUPS FOR DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST THE "REAL" WORLD. It can be as intricate as designing a street theater puppet show in front of the house or as simple as writing "Viacom Sucks" on a bathroom stall. Pass out (bilingual) literature throughout the city, ask restaurants and other establishments to publicly ban the "Real" World, make t-shirts advertising IMC, write a letter to Adbusters and other sympathetic media sources, produce your own Real World... The possibilities are limitless. They've been kicked out of other cities, and they will be kicked out of Chicago.

Some issues that the participants of previous demonstrations have revolved around:
Viacom's role in the corporate media monolopy (or pentopoly since there's five?)
The "Real" World's presence as a symbol of gentrification of the West Side
Selling a false image of the world to the TV audience

Other issues to add are:
Tokenizing racial and sexual minorities
Wasting our city's policing resources
"Sgt" Crawford and his inability to control his adrenaline flow
1st Amendment rights, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly
corruption and the government's (Alderwoman's) ties to the show (direct corporate control)

Now get out there and start some shit!



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