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real world brutality

This article is about what i witnessed at the protest infront of the real world house on saturday night.
last night i attended the real world protest.
it was much smaller then the one last saturday we didn't even get a chance to block off the street like we did last time. the fuzz pretty much ambushed us. by the time i got there around 11:20 the cops were everywhere and they had already arrested one person for writing on the sidewalk with chalk. When i got there I begun to say hello to some people with whom i knew and i made my way to the middle of the crowd that was standing on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the MTV real world house when a friend of mine whom had been playing the drums and chanting was violently grabbed by the fuzz and choked with his own drum strap this caused members of the crowd to surge forward and attempt to unarrest him this was unsuccesful and soon after this another innocent protester was arrested. He was pushed into a door well hit in the face, knocked down, and cuffed when he was being led away I saw that he had a big red bump on his forehead. I think this just goes to show the true nature of the police if that was ever in question.



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