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Everybody's Box: A Global Call for Freedom of Expression.

This has worked amazing at the George Washington University, and can transform this entire nation. We are not the original creators of this idea, but since I don't know who is, we will help spread it. Everybody's Box, is a box that belongs to everyone. Place this box in a crowded public place and be amazed by the things that you hear. People are dying for an outlet to break free of the chains our society puts on us!
Three times a week George Washington University Students place a box outside the Marvin Center in front of our Cafeteria. People stand on it. On top of the box they are free to say anything. Some read poetry, some talk about their day, about love, about their frustrations, some sing, some dance, many talk about political issues, cultural issues, some people are funny and some are heartwarming, some are angry at the world, some filled with hope...but over the course of the day tons of people get to express themselves to others in a way that is completely free and completely open. It takes no money and involves no leaders. Just one box with a sign "everyone's box: your right to speech." Right away GWU students felt the threat of free speech, Police come to watch us as we stand on the box, the University administrators sit and wait for us to break some rule, and the crowd watches each other - not a TV. - Not a newspaper - but other people expressing themselves. We can start a revolution of new open thinking. Everybody's box everywhere! People thinking outside what they are taught, what the media tells them, and participating in free speech. So please get out on a busy street corner and break out a box and let people stand on it and speak their piece and watch how quickly it catches fire! Watch how desperately people grab this outlet to express themselves.



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