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Naperville Reclaim the Streets photos pt. 2

These are my photos from the Naperville Reclaim the Streets event. There are a bunch of them. I tried them into relatively small files. I had some trouble with Photoshop, so I'm posting each picture separately. I apologize if it takes forever for the pages to load. I have not concealed anyones identity for two reasons. First, the police had a videographer that got pictures of EVERYBODY. Second, the participants were exceedingly peaceful, and did nothing that could legitimately be considered illegal.
People marched through the park until they reached its northwest corner, and then started walking back east along the sidewalk that borders the park on the north.

At some point, the police began to forcfully arrest two people toward the front of the procession. I don't know whether they stepped into the street or not, but the arrests took place less than a foot from the curb.

The police action hardly seemed justified.



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