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Monday, July 23: Protest police brutality at G8, Solidarity with Genoa!

Solidarity Demonstration with Genoa
When: Monday, July 23 11:30 AM
Where: Italian Consulate-General
500 N. Michigan Ave.
- Spread the word.
A tribute left to Carol Giuliani, murdered by the Italian state during the G-8 demonstrations in Genoa on Friday, July 19, at a solidarity rally in the San Francisco area. Roughly translated from the Italian:

"For the dignity of people against neo-liberalism! Support our fighters!

Remember Carlo Giuliani.

Partial list of emergency solidarity demonstrations being organized around the world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens, Greece, Barcelona, Spain, Berlin, Germany, Hamburg, Germany, Frankfurt,Germany, Leipzig Germany,( and 21 other German cities) Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Brussels, Belgium, Toronto, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, Mexico City, Mexico, Montreal, Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Finland, Linz, Austria, Vienna, Austria, Rome, Italy, Bologna, Italy, Stockholm, Sweden, Geneva, Switzerland, Lausanne, Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland, Istanbul, Turkey, Vancouver, Canada, Nelson, Canada, Paris, France, Lyon, France, Toulouse, France, Nice, France, London, UK, Bristol, UK, Manchester, UK, Dublin, Ireland.

US: Berkley, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Madison, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New Haven, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Philadephia, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., Portland, ME., Naperville, Washington, DC, Urbana



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