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Do Area Colleges Deal with Harris Bank?

Student activists could provide valuable aid to the Titan International strikers by striving to pressure their colleges and universities to cancel all business dealings with Harris Bank.
The Illinois AFL-CIO recently adopted a resolution calling upon its affiliates to withdraw all deposits and investments from Harris Bank, and to urge Illinois legislators and other elected officials to cancel all business activity with Harris Bank by the state of Illinois, which has $42 million on deposit with the rogue financial institution. Earlier, The Laborers union in Chicago had withdrawn all of its deposits from Harris Bank.

Student activists, who have provided important assistance to the USWA in its corporate campaign against Harris Bank, could provide further assistance by campaigning for their institutions of learning to refrain from conducting business with Harris Bank, until such time as Harris' management agrees to cancel its $175 million loan to Titan International. Harris' loan has enabled Titan International to weather a two-year Unfair Labor Practice strike by about 1,000 USWA members in DesMoines, Iowa and Natchez, Miss. Support the struggle of the Titan strikers to prevent their workplace from being turned into a sweatshop.



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