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Info on March 20th Protest in Chicago!

Please download and widely distribute the flyer!

On March 20, 2003, more than fifteen thousand people marched down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago to oppose the beginning of the war on Iraq. This March 20, we’ll finish that march – and join millions across the world in sending a clear message to the Bush administration: The Midwest STILL says no to war!
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• End the Occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan Palestine • Troops Out Now! • Money for Jobs, Housing, Healthcare & Education, Not for Wars & Occupation • Stop Racial Profiling – Defend Civil Liberties and Immigrant Rights!

Noon • Saturday • March 20
March step-off from Michigan & Pearson
One block north of Chicago Ave.

1:30 PM Rally
Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams, Chicago

Every day brings news of fresh disasters for the Bush administration’s policies of war and colonial occupation. Across the world, the United States increasingly is seen as the greatest threat to world peace and justice. The Bush administration has used fear, intimidation and repression at home to support its agenda – from terror alerts and round-ups of immigrants to repressive legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act, which strips us of our hard-won constitutional protections. Working people are paying the costs of this hyped up "security" at home and U.S. military domination abroad. While the rich get tax breaks, "free trade" agreements, and sweetheart contracts to "rebuild" Iraq, the national deficit spirals to record levels, state and local governments in fiscal crisis are imposing layoffs and gutting social services, and millions of people have been thrown out of work.

Demand an END to the war at home and abroad – and respect for the right of Iraqis and all people to decide their own destinies, without occupying armies, without ANY form of foreign intervention, without commercial schemes to rip off their national wealth, without puppets imposed on them from Washington. Add your voice to the growing sentiment at home and across the globe for an immediate END to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. On March 20 – the anniversary of the first full day of the U.S. invasion of Iraq...and the one-year anniversary of one of Chicago's most vibrant protests in recent memory – join demonstrations around the world by participating in a midwest regional mobilization in Chicago to oppose George Bush’s illegal and immoral war.

Convened by The March 20 Anti-War Organizing Coalition

For more information, email CCAWR (at) or call 888.471.0874.

JOIN US at our next organizing meeting!
Noon, Saturday, February 7
Agape House, 1046 W. Polk Street, Chicago
(2-1/2 blocks south and 2-1/2 blocks west of the U of I/Halsted stop of the Blue line "el")

Co-sponsors’ list in formation. Labor donated.



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