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Cops bust up peaceful protest outside "The Real World" house.
Chicagoans will be pleased to learn that their police force is taking a strong stand against public chalk drawing and drumming. Several individuals engaged in these acts were arrested this evening in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

"Free The Real World 7" was the name of the protest scheduled for 11pm outside the building at 1934 W. North Ave; the site of MTV's "The Real World" filming. A small group of maybe 25 or so folks gathered in front of the building, playing music, handing out condoms ("To help prevent the spread of MTV!") and drawing anti-MTV/Vicacom slogans in front of the building. A larger crowd gathered across the street. At no time were the sidewalks or roads blocked. The sound of sirens soon errupted, and at least 5 marked and unmarked squad cars arrived. The police quickly arrested a chalk artist or two, and cleared the sidewalk in front of the MTV set/building.

Meanwhile the crowd across the street grew larger. When someone began to drum, the cops charged the crowd arresting the drummer and anyone who challenged the police. By the time The Prophetess left, she had counted at least a dozen police officers, six of whom were on hand to arrest ONE rather small gentleman who, as far as she could tell, had done nothing to merit arrest and who did NOT in any way resist arrest.



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