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Update Genoa: Days End for an Activist in Genova

Friday, July 20: Chicago IMC Global Desk: 4th in a series of eyewitness
reports from the streets of Genoa by Chicago activist June Terpstra.
Days End for an Activist in Genova
For some here in Genova tonight means an encampment in a stadium surrounded
by the armed fascists. For others, it means sleeping in tear-gassed
clothing and tents. Others are meeting together to plan tomorrow's
strategies. There are some of us in hospitals tonight and some of us in jail.

After making my way around the battle in the streets here in Genova to the
School where we are encamped, I have been contacting family and allies in
America so they know what I have seen and what others here are fighting
against. It's been a long hard day of courage against the realities of the
Genova war zone. We have stayed in touch all day in the IMC headquarters to
keep watch for all those in the streets.

There are those here who are working around the clock to get the news out
to all of you in the rest of the world about this critical fight against
the imperialist scum and their armies while also working to get help,
legal, medical and food and water to our brave comrades in the streets.

It did not take long for the pigs to move in and attack people. Many here
believe that the black block, who are primarily blamed for the "non
imperialist" violence are infiltrators. What I saw was that the Black block
were incredibly well organized and seemed not to get attacked by the heat
in the manner in the fascists went after the Tutte Bianche and the civil
disobedience groups.

I honestly do not know if the Black Block are Secret service infiltrators,
but the ones I saw, and I followed about 200 hundred of them, sure did have
a lot of cell phones and were very organized. Is it difficult for the
movement as a whole to acknowledge an organized revolutionary group of
well-trained young people? Or, do they get their training from the same
evil ones as the young men in armored vans and who camped here by the
thousands to fuck with those who demand freedom from oppression from the
transnational elite?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself tonight here in this
school space that houses those of us, media, medical and organizers, who
made it to "safety" (perhaps the safety of being sitting ducks) in Genova

You will see the horrors faced today, beatings, at least one confirmed
killing and many many arrested. As I write this report there are
helicopters flying over us and I am reticent to go to sleep on the bed I
have made for myself on the floor.

I will dream tonight of the ancestors who will fuel us with the strength,
skill and courage that all of us who are together now tonight in Genova
need and of the path that in the not to distant future will hold millions
of us as we walk together for freedom from this military fascism for
capitalism that has its hold over the world today.

In Solidarity and for the liberation of the Oppressed,
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