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FBI Arrests Russian Hacker for Copyright Violations

Earlier this week, a Russian graduate student named Dmitry Sklyarovwas arrested on suspicion of violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. This arrest is significant for several reasons. It's the first test of the DMCA's criminal provisions. The FBI arrested a Russian national for acts supposedly committed in Russia.

Free Dmitry

Sklyarov was arrested after a presentation at a technical conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. His presentation concerned the flimsiness of the anti-fair-use software used in Adobe Systems, Inc.'s electronic book products.

Sklyarov has been held without bail and is out of contact with his
family in Russia. He is currently in transit to the jurisdiction of
the Northern California US Attorney, where the complaint was filed.

There are protests scheduled across the country for Monday, July 23. We are working on getting on together in Chicago in cooperation with the EFF. For more info on the protest, plesae join the mailing list, or check for an update of the EFF's protest page.

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