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Update Genoa: Chicagoan June Terpstra reports from the front lines.

Friday, July 20: Chicago IMC Global Desk: 3rd in a series of eyewitness reports from the streets of Genoa by Chicago activist June Terpstra.
The Party is Over in Genoa Today
by June C. Terpstra 5:36pm Fri Jul 20 '01
address: 7510 N. East lake Ter phone: 773-761-0677 jterpst (at)

This mornings first hours at the Genova demonstration indicates that the struggle continues with the real terrorists, the imperialist pigs and their miltary toys.

The Party is over in Genoa Today

The atmosphere was not as festive this morning but the energy was very high with expectations that many resistance fighters and revolitionaries would attack the red zone (zona rosa) this morning. As some 70 thousand of us left for the internaitonal march a young Columbian man who told me he was from the Calndestine Communist Party told me that they would try to brake down the red zone today. It did not take mmore that 45 minutes from the beginning of the demonstration for the actions to begin. I walked through the section where the Black Block were breaking up wood fro sticks, gathering rocks and chunks of cement and over
turning garbage cans for bottles to throw and in a matter of ten minutes I saw a well coordinated process using cell phones and leaders commanding the moves toward the zone. I moved back towards the harbor as the military pushed the resistance fighters back from the walls with tear gas and many marchers dispersed in all directions.

The actions I saw took place for maybe 15 minutes and then a group from the Black Block also head towards the harbor, smaching some windows and over turning garbage cans to block the streets. I hung out behind the black block group for about an hour as we made our way above the harbor and I could see that they really are quite strategic as they met in groups to discuss further actions and as the leadership moved folks together for the next phase, even stopping to ask directions of an elderly man about the layout of crtain areas. He helped them out enthusiastically.

As I made my way back to the school (la Scuola Diaz) to write this report and let my family know that I am safe, I had to find a way around the direct route to the school because the harbor area had become quite unsafe pretty quickly as the rioting military marched their way towards us down at the harbor. I saw many groups of marchers haning in groups above harbor including a group of Buddhist monks with maps figuring out their next moves.

As I write this report, the helicopters are hovering over the school and we have fire extinguishers out around the buiding in case of a siege.

A recent Village Voice reported that authorities here responded with near hysteria to the 100,000 demonstrators expected to descend on the ancient Italian port city during the meeting of the G8—the seven richest nations plus Russia. A missile defense system has been installed to guard against airborne attacks (there've were rumors of an assassination plot on President Bush by Osama bin Laden), and more than 18,000 police and paramilitary troops have been mobilized in one of the biggest security buildups in the country's postwar

The airport, train stations, and access roads have been shut down and the center city blockaded with armored trucks. As i have said this has not daunted many of the resistance fighters and revolutionaries here including my two new Indy Media friends from the
Tute Bianche (White Overalls) movement,
whose members are plotting a mixture of seaborne assaults and medieval-style attacks using battering rams and catapults to launch dead fish and paint bombs at police. I hope to see them soon today, unharmed by the real terrorists, the imperialist forces of the G-8 and the American ruling elite.

In Solidarity and For the Liberation of the Oppressed,
June C. Terpstra
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