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USAS Conference: Heavy Meetings, Important Decisions But Racism Against White Or

Just imagine telling Abbie Hoffman, Joe Hill, Studs Terkel, Saul Alinsky, Naomi Klein, Tom Hayden, Ralph Nader, or thousands of other bright and qualified hard working white organizers that organizing must be lead by people of color. No, no one you know would do that! We are demanding that the August 2 meeting be four organizers not categories!
Many special interest activists have tried to promote their own people and then fallen on their face angry that the people hurt them irreparably.
White people are the majority numerically in our country and thats where you get services from. Talk all day about adding all the minorities into a salad or a stir-fry or a casserole, this does'nt work very well.
People like buildings, unions, families, neighborhoods are stronger with several categories especially the realm of practical ideas followed with organzing.
Pick-up a telephone today on our battlefields and demand that United Students Against Seatshops change this part of the program. 1(800) 202 NO SWEAT! Note: the New York Times Almanac 2001 lists the white peoples numbers at 83.1%. Use this almanac it is very educational and well-written.

Immigration was listed at 37% of our population growth between 1991-1998.Page 290.

Peace and Justice from people in need!



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