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Cebrate your sanity with GLR! 28th fireside bowl show

Three Dolllar Bill, Sonido Inquieto and lot's of stuff! mark your schedules!

Greets Beets!

this is your friend, the inevitable dj sux from guerrilla love radio.

I have an announcement to make about a real good time coming up at the fireside bowl>

Glr 107.1 fm is presenting an evening of music and spoken word at the fireside bowl on july 28th.

Playing will be an energetic latin jazz combo called 'SONIDO INQUIETO' and a full out hot rock group called 'THREE DOLLAR BILL'. There will also be some spoken word from various points in our chicago community.

we get started around 9pm and your cost will be 7$.

the proceeds of this event will go partly to GLR, and some will go to the other airwave liberation attempts around our city.

as you are probably aware, there is a real stranglehold of popular mediums in this country of many names, and very notably here in chicago. corporations and the state work hand in hand to maintain control of information and
keep the minds of their subjects under the control of consumerism and fear.

little projects like glr, red line radio, mesh magazine, and others exist to try and break that hold and create some community that has some consciousness and sanity.

this corporate state will want to say that we are illegal, that we have some bizarre terrorist violent objective and that we are jealous of the 'success' of 'real and legitimate' media, so that is why we behave in such rogue fashion.

well... coming from an institution that keeps it's children without education, health care and decent living conditions, an institution that shows more violence and murder on t.v. between the hours of 6 and 10 pm EVERY NIGHT
than happens in a YEAR in even the most impoverished communities... an institution where representatives of the state are permitted to abuse, torture and even kill it's subjects with impunity... well let's just say the credibility they hold with us is hardly... well... it's nothing.

This event at the fireside on the 28th is a celebration of sanity and the necessity that we recognize our responsibility to create where destruction is the rewarded norm.

Come celebrate your beauty and sanity with us at the fireside and hear SONIDO INQUIETO, THREE DOLLAR BILL and excorcise the fear and mind control right out of your souls!!!!!!!

thanks kindly,

your friend, the inevitable dj sux

glr107 (at) - email
(773) 377-5008 x3188 - voicemail/fax
107.1 fm 6pm-1am
commercials and corporateness shorten
your life & weaken your heart- =:)



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