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We Need To Raise Bail Money, PLEASE HELP, PLEASE!

We are in desperate need of help. Someone we love is being held for a crime he didn't commit, and we need to raise bail money. His girlfriend is pregnant with their child and is having a difficult pregnancy and needs him with her. PLEASE HELP!
We are in desperate need of your help. A family member of ours was recently arrested on major charges that we know for a fact he didn't commit. He's being held on a large bond and we need to
come up with $50,000 to bail him out. He needs to be out of jail so
that he will be able to get good legal representation, rather than the
court-appointed public defender he currently has. We are financially
unable to bail him out at this time. His girlfriend is currently
pregnant with his child, and she needs him with her because she is
having a difficult pregnancy. We are looking for donations or advice of
any kind to help us bail him out of jail. He does not deserve to be
held for a crime he didn't commit. If he's convicted of these charges,
he's facing two consecutive life sentences in prison for a crime he
didn't even commit. If you can help us in any way, please contact us at
the e-mail addresses below and we will answer all your questions and let
you know where you can send your donations. We assure you that your
money will go for a good cause. PLEASE assist us in helping to free a
man who has been wrongly accused. Thank you for your time and

Lisa Feltz
lisa.feltz (at)

Heather Schuck
hope2175 (at)



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