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If you all Care about Padre Roy Bourgoise Read this We Gotta Stop This NOW!*##!

Most SOA protestors are against killing others. Some of the graduates of the SOA have been implicated in large-scale human rights abuses, some even grotesque. There is a third side here: the innocent army members who need protection against terrorism: Buses burned in Peru, villagers kidnapped
April 8, 2001

PCP Shining Path's Peoples Liberation Army carries out an action with a dynamite bomb against the office of the political party PERU POSIBLE in the city of Ayacucho.

The explosion destroyed a large part of the roof owned by the popular Presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo. The office is in a town of many indigenistas and working-class peoples of various beliefs.

The PLA also carried out an action against the offices of APRA, near the main square named Plaza de Armas.

April 8, 2000 Using a strike involving domestic terrorism: PLA stopped a minibus forcing it to the side of a road used by many working-class people and indigenistas. In order to brutally force their views onto these people the mayor was shot and bleed to death. Two passengers were wounded.

April 8, 2001 In Vilcashuanmam Ayacucho the mayor of Pacapausas Ayacucho was murdered.

May 16, 2001 The PLA placed a dynamite bomb at the National Election Board (JLVE) in downtown Lima near crowded areas. Two police officers were wounded.

May 16, 2001: the PLA was busy. 39 seperate incidents of terrorism in mining sectors in 9 seperate severly damaging attacks on the economy in Pasco, Ancash, Cusco, Huancavelica and Ucalayi.

One note: their is a increase of terrorism in Eastern India by a group that worships this Marxist Leninist Maoist group of. Indian terrorists of the CPM-L Janasakhi group went to the telephone exchange and destroyed it with high powered explosives.

Source: illegal terrorist web page located at server unknown server to be shut down and brought before the World Court.
On May 16, 2001 A



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