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Huge Migrants Demo in Genoa, but 150-200 Greek activists forced home.

Chicago IMC Global Desk Genoa Update: Thursday, July 19
Photo:(BBC) You G8 - Me G1: Protesters call for migrants' rights

The International Migrant Demonstration kicked off on Thursday, July 19 at 5 pm local time and by 6:10 pm was still moving past the square where it began. First estimates were of 50,000 people, although the GSF later announced 60,000 had participated. A huge success.

However, Italian security forces are still trying to stop demonstrators from reaching Genoa. 150-200 Greek activists were forced back onto their ship in the Italian port of Acona and forced to return to Patras, Greece, after a four hour standoff with police. According to eyewitnesses, the police identified these activists as the "leaders" of the contingent. Four chartered buses were blocked by police, who ordered the demonstrators to reboard their ferry and return to Greece. The Greek activists refused, sitting down instead, until they were physically attacked by police. The rest of the contingent (18 buses) continued on to Rimini, and are now trying to decide whether to continue on to Genoa, or return to Acona. Another Greek ship has been stopped by Italian authorities outside of the harbor, and apparently has 700 on board.

Stayed tuned to IMC-Italy for breaking developments.



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