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Respecting Differences within Various Parties who Work For Social Justice

Imagine yourself in a grocery store. You only have access to 10 dollars that week. What's most important? We are committed to non-confrontational work with groups that have done some of the same things we have-their press freedoms and assembly rights-without snitching on them.Perhaps this will clarify our support for their work on CabriniGreenPolic
my simple point is that the work of the RCP against police violence, for Cabrini Green residents and coverage of health issues has been good.
Even during the Cultural revolution their were good people and at the close the muncipal organizers along with army forces began to restore some degree of order to a national breakdown- 10 years of that harmed tens of millions in most of the provinces of China
This strategy of activists of all stripes working with some government officials could be applied today to the USA in regards to building takeovers, anti-corruption drives, health care in D.C., ATLANTA, California and many areas.
Some of the ruling class or military has continued to get away with mass murder every 5 or 10 years in our country.
A small number want social justice or suffer greatlyfrom things like exposure to chemical weapons in the 2nd Persian Gulf War.
Let's call attention to the facts that the RCP is not participating in violence. This cannot happen because it would put many things in danger. This is a long way to go in a nation that provides the foundations for some of the most backward working corporations.

Let's thank them for this and for their attention to details about issues that drive .Let's commit to keeping this resistance alive, not in the forests but in our cities, towns and communities where people need hope, education and resistance not sorrow tears and blood. I've got to go, I am at a public library.



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