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Tolliver Press Conference & Rally Friday

(Announcement of Press Conference & Rally)

For immediate release

Press Conference: Friday, July 20, 2001

TIME: 10 am

Location: Cook County Courthouse,
26th & California

Contact: (773)230-9801

John Tolliver is Innocent!

Stop the Criminalization of a Generation!

Jonathan Tolliver is going to be sentenced on Friday, July 20 for the murder of officer Ceriale, a crime he did not commit. Several of the police involved in this case are connected to notorious torturer Jon Burge, a former commander of the police Area involved in this case. Burge was fired in 1993 after his gang's activities came to light, but the cops who worked under him and participated in torturing suspects and witnesses are still on the force. There is no reason to believe that this behavior has stopped. The jury never got to hear the history of brutality and torture connected to the cops who railroaded Jonathan Tolliver, but it is time for the public to hear the truth.

The fight to free
Jonathan Tolliver
is not over.

Join speakers representing the Tolliver family, the Justice Coalition of Greater Chicago; the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation; Robert Taylor Homes Fighting for Justice; and others in a rally and press conference and then in supporting Jonathan Tolliver during his sentencing.

For more information contact: (773)230-9801

Chicago (at) October22.ORG




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