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Why the latest "peace agreement" between Israel and Palestine should not be taken seriously
This latest peace agreement is the equivalent of a confession brought about by having a gun put to one's face, and it was the Palestinians who were sitting in the guilty chair. It is a blatant attempt to paint the Palestinians as aggressors. What I know about the Jews is that they have suffered an awful lot of oppression throughout their history. They use this as an excuse to justify their actions in Palestine over the last 55 years or so. We demand at least the 1967 borders and at most the return of Palestine. I am a realist however. There should be a reversion to the 1967 borders while still allowing for the existence of the state of Israel. Return the occupied territories to the Palestinian people and end the stupidity. If this means giving up East Jerusalem, so be it. Might does not always make right. The leadership of the US and Israel today, are the equivalents of the Germany and Italy of the thirties.
To the people of Chicago, join the struggle, and protest US and Israeli aggression and fascism now, and make a difference!



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