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Rally at 31st and Kostner turns into Protest at Daley's residence Part 1

A beautiful evening for a rally turns into a lovely night for a stroll, or protest, at Mayor Daley's home in his gated home at 14th and Indiana. (article 4)
A crowd gathered at Camp Cesar Chavez at 6:30 on a beautiful Monday evening (July 16) to have a community meeting with Mayor Daley regarding the possibility of getting the long overdue high school build at 31st and Kostner.

The organizers of the meeting had contacted the Mayors office by letter on June 27th and never received word back about their invitation to attend this community meeting.

Rally at 31st and Kostner

With a line of graduation caps and gowns decorating the fence that marks the empty lot that was designated for the school years ago, the audience that gathered was treated to theatre and song. Even though Daley didn't show, the planned events still happened. The sun set while a skit about the history of the people in Little Village's struggle with bureaucracy and politics unfolded. Following this play a few speakers talked about what to do next and pointed out the Mayors obvious lack of respect for the residents of Little Village.

The protest moves to Daley's home

Around sundown the events at the camp wind down and people pile into cars to go have an impromptu rally at Daley's residence. The march on Indiana street, in front of Daley's gated community, fills the sidewalk with children, grandmothers, students and supporters. Chants fill the air, "What do we want? A High School Now!" and "Daley, Daley, keep your promise" in reference to Mayor Daley's promise to build a high school in an area that desperately needs one.

Police arrive on the scene

After the protest was in full swing, fifteen police arrive on the scene. When asked why they came to Daley's home a protestor stated, "If he doesn't want to come to us, we will come to him" Another person stated, "(Daley's refusal to contact) shows disrespect for this community where a high school is desperately needed."

The police dispersed the crowd to a city ordinance banning picketing in residential areas, (Chicago v. Morales, 527 US 41, 56 ... The residential picketing ordinance) The protestors left while chanting and honking their car horns.

Ante up

This outcry began years ago. As the city stalls, the people get more frustrated. There was a hunger strike which ended when people couldn't fast any longer. Another empty promise from Daley's office came out of that hunger strike. There have been rallies, flyers, a weekly fast at Daley's office, to no avail. Camp Cesar Chavez extended an invitation to Daley to participate in a community discussion as to how to remedy this situation. He did not even honor them with a response. So, the people took it to where he lives because he refused to come to where they live. With this action, the stakes have been raised. Will Mayor Daley finally respond to the people's voices or will the people of Little Village have to make more noise?



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