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Upcoming Tues. demo to support Palestinian human rights

In the last two weeks, Chicago's Palestinian residents have held five demonstrations -- drawing thousands of people -- to call for an end to Israeli attacks on their people. Join them again on Tuesday, October 24, at a city-wide rally to support a free and democratic Palestine.
Protest for a Free and Democratic Palestine!
City Wide Student Rally and Demonstraton to demand an end to U.S. support for Israel’s attacks against the Palestinian people

Tuesday, October 24
2:00 PM
UIC-Chicago Circle Center

For more info, or to add your endorsement, please call (773)436-6060, or e-mail ishill1 (at) or icheade (at)

Endorsers (list in formation): Arab American Action Network, Coalition for Justice in Palestine, UIC Friends of Palestine, MSA-UIC, the Committee for a Democratice Palestine.

Photo taken at the Oct. 13 Chicago rally to support Palestinian human rights.



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