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It’s a whole new

(Boston, MA), one of the Internet’s best known civil rights
web sites, returns after a six-month hiatus. The newly redesigned site uses
PHP-Nuke, a freely distributed web portal software.

“It’s a whole new,” says founder and Executive Director David
Goldman. “While we will continue our past work of monitoring hate groups and
their Internet activities, we will be developing non-proprietary or ‘open
source’ software for the civil rights community. This will enable
individuals and organizations to create an inexpensive but powerful online
presence in order to promote tolerance.”

The Internet can be a valuable place for the free exchange of ideas, but it
can also be a haven for bigotry and hatred. That's why is a
powerful resource to educate and empower individuals to fight intolerance.

Goldman says, “We welcome back our friends, not only to fight against
bigotry but to work with us in building a more tolerant online community.”

Started in 1995, is a web-based not for profit that monitors
the evolving problem of online bigotry. HateWatch is considered an innovator
in the use of the Internet for promoting civil rights.



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