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Police Brutality lawsuit by Decatur Il workers set for Trial

In the summer of 1995 locked-out workers at Decatur Illinois Staley corn processing plant, together with 3 thousand supporters marched to the plant gate. Several dozen sat down in the plant driveway. Decatur cops and Il state police broke up the action with repeated close range use of pepper gas.

What follows is a letter asking for a show of solidarity as the workers's lawsuit finally goes to trial.

Dear Friend of the Staley Workers

Those of us gassed in Decatur seem at long last about to get our day in court. The "class action"claim against the City of Decatur has been set for trial to begin on Tuesday, October 31, 2000 in Urbana, IL. It should last that entire week, and may stretch into the next according to attorney Jan Susler.

It's important that as many members of the class (& other supportive persons) as possible try to attend all or part of the trial. Please pass the word any and all concerned and encourage people to attend.

Best to all.

In Solidarity,

Jerry Tucker
New Directions Education Fund
for more information:
phone: (314) 531-2900

E-Mail: uhcw (at)

4144 Lindell Blvd #214
St Louis, MO 63108



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