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MTV's Real World gets a taste of The REAL WOLRD

Street Party and demo ensues in front of Real World house in Wicker Park.
At 11 PM on Saturday July 14th, a group of 250 people gathered in the streets Chicago’s newly gentrified neighborhood, Wicker Park to show their disdain for MTV and the reality show, The Real World. The reality television show has recently located on the main thoroughfare of North Avenue to film their 11th episode. Apparently, their welcome has been hardly the tour through fame they expected. The crowd chanted derisive comments about MTV and demanded The Real World pack their bags and head home. The crowd quickly overtook the streets and an ad hoc street party ensued. Bullhorns chanted “Liberate the Real World 7” in reference to one campaign to deprogram the actors and bring them back to reality. Street chalked phrases written on the sidewalk read, “Every citizen has the right to be famous”, “I am not an actor in my neighborhood” and “What is Real tm?” The crowd was a mixed bag of participants from art students to anarchists to malcontents to confused onlookers hoping to get a look at the stars. Some showed up to attend a falsely advertised extras party at the Real World home. Flyers had been circulated at the local bars telling people to attend a party that was never intended to happen. The streets were overtaken for almost a half hour causing traffic jams of ridiculously dressed club goers. After an hour, the Chicago Police Department arrived to disperse the heckling crowd. No arrests were made. One unarrest was very successfull.



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