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IBEW 21/AT&T Rally July 11th 2001

IBEW 21/AT&T Rally July 11th 2001 (article 7)
Fellow union brothers and activists:

By now you should have received
the photos of the IBEW 21/AT&T Rally.

This is not the END.

This is the BEGINNING !

No matter WHAT union you belong to,
IBEW 21's fight affects each and every
one of you as AT&T is in each and every
one of your cities and towns.

An example must be made of AT&T
to the national public that union workers
around this great nation will not tolerate
these union busting tactics.

If you do not help out, you may be
next as the ball rolls on.

Each and every one of you owe a
nice big round of applause to brothers
Jerry Rankins and Dave Webster, IBEW 21,
Don Turner of the CFL, Stuart Acoff
of the Midwest AFL-CIO, Jobs With Justice,
IBEW 134, Teamsters 703, and the list goes on.

Please drop by their site at: and
show them you CARE.




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