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Patriotism & Loyalty on Patriotism & Loyalty
23: Patriotism and loyalty

If we choose peace, are we being traitors by not supporting the home team in a war of all against all? Must we reject patriotism and loyalty in order to choose peace? There is no question that we will fight to support the individuals we love.

We are all part of many teams. Most of us define teams by race, nation, gender, religion, associates or family. There are numerous means of division once we begin breaking life down. Some people look at themselves individually as a team. Many people are willing to die for their team because of loyalty and patriotism.

The question is not whether or not we should support our team. The question is how to support the team. Can we choose to support our team through means of peace rather than through means of war? Do we have a choice?

War has no compassion. War simply dictates that other components of existence are resources necessary for team survival. Domination is easily justified when choosing to live by the means of war. You want to survive don't you? So support your team! Once engaged in a war of all against all, domination is presented as the only option.

If every aspect of existence is a resource for use in war, then what is the difference in how a team should treat the resources? What is the difference between a mineral, a plant, an animal or another human being if only considered as a resource for team survival? There have been many loyal and patriotic team members who have justified pollution, slavery, torture, death camps and exploitation as means of supporting their team within a war of all against all.

Will the teams always remain the same? What happens if the means of survival no longer support an entire team? Will we be on the correct racial, gender, religious, corporate, class or family team? How exclusive will teams get before everyone realizes we are just fighting for ourselves? How long will it take before we realize that peace is an option for securing our existence?

Are we really being loyal and patriotic to our team by supporting means of war within a community of life? Can we support ourselves through means of peace instead? When we fight for our team, what are we fighting for? Don't we want to maintain a healthy existence for ourselves and for our loved ones? Don't we want the opportunity to explore and enjoy life without engaging in a constant struggle for survival? Can we only achieve these goals through means of war? We have the intelligence and ability as a species to maintain our health peacefully within Earth's circle of life.

What type of loyalty and patriotism forces our loved ones into the insecurity, chaos and violence of war as a means of achieving a healthy existence? Peace is available as an alternative to war. If humans exist in peace, it is only because individuals have chosen to take that course of existence. We all have an interest in maintaining a healthy future no matter what team we are a part of. We all have an interest in peace. True loyalty and patriotism would never support the means of war within a community of life. Peace is an alternative to war and destruction.

Is our natural diversity a reason for war or is it a foundation of our existence? History repeatedly shows that war and domination are false means for achieving a healthy existence. Families, communities, nations, alliances and species have all found benefits by existing in peace. Isn't it possible to be loyal and patriotic to our religions, our companies, our nations, our loved ones and to ourselves by contributing to a peaceful community of life?



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