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The Shortwave Report 7/13/01 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY!

A 30 minute weekly review of news and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. Free to rebroadcast upon notification. With times and frequencies for listening at home. Radios Spain, Netherlands, Russia, China, and China
The latest Shortwave Report (July 13) is up on the web, ready to download. (13.7MB/29:59) As always the show is free to rebroadcast, please notify by email if you air it. If you only play a portion, please mention the website so your audience can find the rest if they so desire.
This week there are stories from Spanish National Radio, Radio Netherlands, the Voice of Russia, China Radio International, and Radio Havana Cuba.
From Spain- former Chilean dictator Pinochet has been deemed "too demented" to stand trial for human rights violations in Chile (this story describes the support he has in Chile as well as outrage); a radio reporter in Columbia was murdered, the 8th journalist killed this year; former Argentine dictator Vidella (sp?) has been indicted for his work with Operation Condor.
From Netherlands- drastic wage reductions in Argentina for civil servants to allow the country to pay some of the interest on international debt; an E.U. dedlegation urges Japan to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
An analysis from the Voice of Russia on the current situation in Macedonia- ethnic Albanians are described as beginning to ethnically cleanse areas and perhaps start the next Balkan War.
From China- Indonesian troops attack a camp for the Free Achia movement, the U.N. holds a conference on small-arms trading, and the remains of 5 US servicemen missing in action from Vietnam are returned to the US.
From Cuba- Peru's former intelligence chief Montecinos's relationship with the CIA is explored; the foreign minister of Ecuador asks Spain and the EU for protection against the side-effects of Plan Columbia; Venezvulan President Chavez calls again for a union of Latin American nations; right-wing paramilitary troops take over more towns in N Columbia; more details about the indictments of leaders connected with Operation Condor.
All this plus times and frequencies for listening globally at home (including current frequencies for the BBC). I'm always open to your comments and questions. I hope to hear from you. Next show will be up by July 20 9amPDST.
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¡FurthuR! Dan Roberts



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