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Protest Bush energy plan in Chicago

Bush's Energy Secretary -Spencer Abraham - will be coming to Chicago next week in order to "promote" the Bush Energy Planat "Town Hall Meetings", How should we let him know what people think about the plan????????????:)
Doesn't this remind you of the Clintoons (Cohen et al.) going to Ohio to
explain the Gulf War?

WASHINGTON - Looking to rally public support for his
energy proposals, U.S. President George W. Bush will
send top members of his administration across the
country next week to hold town hall meetings.

Vice President Dick Cheney will preside over a town hall

meeting in Pittsburgh on Monday. Energy Secretary
Spencer Abraham will be in Chicago, Interior Secretary
Gale Norton will be in Minnesota and Transportation
Secretary Norman Mineta in Ohio.

A White House official said the meetings were intended
listen to people's concerns about energy and outline
energy plan.

"The president is taking the bold step of addressing the

national energy problem - which hasn't been addressed in

years - with a comprehensive energy plan, and we're
excited about taking that message to the American
people," said White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan.

"We believe it offers long-term solutions to America's
energy problems, and does so in a way that marries
efficiency, conservation, exploration and will result in
independence for the American people," she said.

Bush's energy proposals have been criticized for tilting
much toward new production of fossil fuels and for not
including enough conservation measures. Bush's poll
ratings on the environment have fallen in the weeks
the plan was outlined in May.

A cornerstone of the administration's new policy, giving

energy firms access to drill in the Arctic National
Refuge in Alaska, was in trouble in Congress from the
beginning. The newly Democratic-controlled Senate has
said it will block any move to open the area to the

A broad range of people will be invited to the meetings,

including some worried about high gasoline prices, which

peaked in recent weeks, and critics of Bush's energy

The president is not expected to participate in the town
meetings as he is getting ready to go on his second
trip next week.

Last week the administration sent Congress a legislative

outline to implement parts of the plan.

Bush is also emphasizing more conservation to blunt
criticism his plan would benefit big oil companies that
made large financial contributions to the Republican

The White House wants Congress to act quickly on its
plan, but a quick timetable may be unrealistic. When
Congress returns from vacation next week, lawmakers will

work for four weeks before adjourning for a scheduled
month-long summer recess.




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