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MF, World Bank Move Fall Conference Downtown

Spray-paint graffiti reading "" had recently shown up on some
sidewalks, and many residents had feared more of the same, Murray said. "People were
starting to think, 'Oh Lord, this is the beginning of a long, hot summer,' " said Murray,
president of the 300-member neighborhood association.
MF, World Bank to Stay Downtown By Manny Fernandez and Paul Blustein

Washington Post Staff Writers

Wednesday, July 11, 2001; Page B01

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will break a 20-year tradition and move
meetings from a Woodley Park hotel to their headquarters buildings in downtown
Washington because of anti-globalization protests planned for this year's annual sessions.

The decision to hold all meetings in the downtown area came after consultation with D.C.
police and federal officials, who expressed concern about demonstrations in the quaint
Washington neighborhood that is home to the Swiss Embassy, gourmet restaurants and the
National Zoo.

"The World Bank and the IMF have decided to hold their 2001 annual meetings in and
around the bank and fund buildings, rather than in a residential area," said Caroline Anstey,
chief spokeswoman for the World Bank. "We regard this as a common-sense precaution, to
ensure business as usual for people attending the meetings and to make life easier for the
local community."

The World Bank and the IMF have held plenary sessions of their annual meetings at the
Marriott Wardman Park hotel on Woodley Road NW for 20 years.

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