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Great film about covert "intelligence" agencies designed to stifle dissent

see below:
I just recently rented a movie called "Steal This Movie" which is loosely based on the book "Steal This Book" about the life and times of Abbie Hoffman, a 60's radical who constantly had run-ins with the feds due to his anti-establishment politics.
I was completely astounded on how far the CIA (cointelpro) was willing to go just to silence any leftist group or individual by "any means necessary": this means solitary confinement, wire-taps, frame-ups, beatings, infiltrations, etc etc.

I think that watching this movie could be a good way to learn about how the 'covert government agencies' use all these sinister methods to silence any form of dissent which is very much alive and well today. Their primary targets, of course, are environmentalists, anti-war activists, revolutionaries, animal rights advocates, counter-culturalists and any other type of person contrary to conservative "values".

Not only is watching this movie compelling and inspiring (and downright good), but it's extremely informative on how to remain cautious when dealing with "men in black" who are out to get those who choose to speak up against corruption and destruction. It's also a great portrayal of the last and most recent time when mass movements arose to challenge the status quo. I strongly recommend that people have screenings for this movie or at least watch it on your free time. You may think it's outdated...but it's not nearly as outdated as you might think. The goverenment is exactly as evil and deceptive as it was then, if not worse.

I give the movie 2 thumbs up, for sure.



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