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City Colleges workers do tv call-in series

City Colleges clerical and technical workers premiere live tv call-in series, as possible strike approaches.
While a mediator works to bring the City Colleges of Chicago and its clerical and technical workers closer together, their union, the Federation of College Clerical and Technical Personnel, Local 1708, goes live on city public access Channel 21 to tell its side of the story and answer questions from viewers.

Local 1708 has worked without a contract since last December. That six-year contract had included a pay freeze. Now, with the CCC Board of Trustees outsourcing their jobs--and stonewalling in contract talks, FCCTP members understand it’s their turn to stand up to “The attack of the privatizers.”

Starting on Wednesday, July 11, and running thru Wednesday, September 26, every Wednesday evenings, from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. on CAN-TV Channel 21 Chicago residents can call in to the live program “Local 1708 speaks out!” for information and updates on negotiations with the nation’s most privatizing community college district.

[photo "1708 mtg"] In June, Local 1708 members meet to discuss a possible strike
[photo "PresWithers"] Dolores Withers (in red jacket), president of AFSCME Local1708 listens to union member



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