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MTV's The Real World Chicago actions begin

MTV's The Real World Chicago actions begin
Sunday some activists headed over to cause some trouble at the Real World home on North Avenue next to the check cashing joint. Some had harrassed with a megaphone demanding such things as lunch for all of Wicker Park, the Real World to leave Chicago and other such things.

We then placed copious amounts of street chalk phrases outside their home that said things from:

Every citizen has a right to be famous.

I am not an actor in my neighborhood.

After Starbucks, the Real World tm

It was tremendously entertaining! We met some kid who had gotten bored last night and thrown up on their doorstep out of boredom. We could still see the stain! The police came by and were visibly confused. Then the Real World production company had some poor dude with a bucket and brush come out and wash away our poetic license.

The shooting location is just east of the North and Damen intersection. It is the next house over from that check cashing place with the monstrous electric marquee with animations of baseball players hitting balls. There is a surveillance camera on the front door that actually monitors the sidewalk. In the back ally, there are two surveillance cameras. All the parking in front is reserved. They are on
the second and third floors and are hopefully beginning to feel like it is the Chicago Bastille!!!!

The performers inside were obviously concerned and that gave me hope. They aren't ready and well, if you are bored, pay them a visit. Down with the spectacle! Up with harrassing the mediation of culture!



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