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Dick Devine = Abraham Lincoln? What a Sick Joke!

States Atty Dick Devine--the man who has yet to prosecute a single Chicago police officer for brutality since being elected in 1996--is scheduled to receive the "Abraham Lincoln" Award. Help protest this insult to all victims of police brutality!: Picket 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Wednesday, July 11, 57 W. Jackson.
On July 11th Cook County State Attorney Dick Devine is slated to receive the "Abraham Lincoln Award" at the annual "Lincoln Awards Banquet" of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. For a mere $150 a ticket or up $5000 for a table of ten, you can witness Abraham "Honest Abe" Lincoln compared to a man who has refused to prosecute a single Chicago police officer for brutality since he was elected in 1996.

You can watch the well-heeled fawn over a man who aided one of the most notorious police brutality campaigns in Chicago history. From 1980 to 1983, Devine was the #2 man to then-States Atty Richard M. Daley, when 27 African American men were tortured with the use of electric shock, suffocation and Russian Roulette at Area 2 Police Headquarters to extract "confessions" from them. As State's Attorneys, Devine and Daley approved the use of these "confessions" against these black men to get convictions. As a result of the torture and "confessions," 13 were sentenced to death and dozens more received very long prison sentences.

To protest these outrages, please join a PICKET of Dick Devine's receiving the "Abraham Lincoln Award":

11:30 a.m. (sharp) through 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday, July 11
57 W. Jackson (between Clark and Dearborn)

Sponsors: Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Comité Exigimos Justicia, Sangat
For information, contact 773.878.4781 or 773.878.3697



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