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Friday July 6 action at Rep. Crane's office in Palatine:
Fight Back against Fast Track!

A CALL TO ACTION: Fight Fast Track

Occupy the Palatine office of Rep. Crane, who is one of the main proponents of Fast Track.

The Action is part of a larger national mobilization to defeat FastTrack and ultimately the FTAA - there is one month left to defeat Fast Track. This will not be our only action but a strong show of support indicates our opposition to Fast Track and the FTAA, and Representatives such as Crane should be held accountable for the effect their policies have on the community and the world.

Peaceful action; no arrests planned; occupy office and then take off before the cops get there.

Meet at 10 AM at a bagel shop around the corner from the office:
Bagel Shop is in the shopping center at the NW corner of Quentin and Northwest highway next to a Ben and Jerry's --also look for Boston Market

10:30 convergence at the office -- Sing-In Action
Address: 1100 West NW Highway in Palatine.



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