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BGD, Vice Lordz and El Rukn

Th ghettoes of America will not be liberated by well-intentioned white lefties, but by the soldiers of the ghetto- the gand bangers.
When liberating a people you do not turn to the opressor race as the majority force of liberation. No, the opressor race has sympathizers who play an imporant role in formunalting the opinions of the masses and educating them, but the meat and potatoes of the revolution must come from the opressed.

Of the opressed group there are those who are lethargic and not politically involved or even have a desire to participate in society.There are otheres who are themselves, by virtue of there behaviour enemies of there own people, while otheres like Jackson, Sharpton, etc., are enemies because they are insincere and power hungry.

So, who does this leave, this leaves the warriors of the ghetto, and the warriors of the ghetto are the gang bangers. These are the people who are not afraid to die and not afraid to kill. They have a pent up anger that needs to be channeled and released , but most do not have the knowledge to act on their anger in any other way than a criminal fashion.

That is why education of the gang-banger is needed. Not education in liberal bullshit, but education in revolution. In order for this to happen, leadership is needed, and the government knows this. That is why you see the former Jeff Ford in prison today and why they will never let Larry Hoover out. A new leadersip needs to emerge, one that is outside of the system, economically self-sufficient and revoltuionary.

This will do more good than all of the failed government programs that are being supported by liberals.



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