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Stop the ACA - Philadelphia , Aug. 10-11

Counter Conference

On Friday August 10, Saturday August 11, and Sunday August 12 the Coalition Against the American Correctional Association (CA-ACA) will be hosting a counter conference in Philadelphia. Free childcare will be provided. The fee for the conference is sliding scale (recommended $10 - $100 per day). This fee includes food and housing. We are hosting this conference:

* To debunk myths through information
* To empower change through education and collaboration
* To dismantle the rhetoric behind the growth of the Prison Industrial Complex
* To challenge the American Correctional Association's generation of profit through injustice.

- Who is it for?

This conference is for people who still think the prison industry doesn't have a direct impact on their lives. It is also for people who have been imprisoned and families and friends of those imprisoned. In a spirit of collaboration, we want to enable the process of creating coalitions, networks, and alliances. We want to inform people of
resources that can be used to create resistance and alternatives. From this conference we hope to build community-based solutions to interrupt the continued reliance on a growing prison industry. This conference is to empower folks to access and build real alternatives to poverty and crime.

Below is a sampling of the themes of the conference and some of the workshops. We will utilize workshops, performance, art, discussion, speak-outs and spoken word, panels, and dance to educate ourselves and one another about how the quality of all of our lives are deteriorating with the growth of this industry.

* Information from the Inside:
* Human rights abuses in U.S. Prisons, situating the U.S. prisons in terms of other countries
* Custodial Sexual Abuse
* Control Units
* Ex-Death Row Inmates
* Death Penalty and Prison Industry
* The Drug War
* Medical Neglect
* Living on the Outside:
* Interfaith Perspectives on Death Penalty
* Families and friends dealing with loss
* Prisoner Support and Books Through Bars
* Hip-Hop and Youth
* Resistance to expansion, resistance to industry:
* How to use the history of prisons to talk about the growing industry
* Peer education and youth action
* Fighting Prison Construction
* Grassroots Investigation as Resistance

If you would like to participate in the conference, help organize it, or have other questions, please email the Counter Conference Working Group: conference (at), and see the Call for Workshops.

Please also consider joining the organizing listserv.
prisons (at)

- Coalition Against The American Correctional Association



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