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Stop Sweatshops! parade float

come march the evanston 4th of july parade in an anti-sweatshop/anti-corporate float.
come join in our anti-sweatshop/anti-corporate float in the evanston parade.

the parade begins lining up at 12:30, and our slot
number is 41. our float slot is located at
approximately the intersection of central st and
highland avenue. i've attatched a map for easy
understanding of the situation...

IF YOU'RE DRIVING: keep in mind that central street will be closed, so you'll want to attack from the other angle. my best advice is to take golf road west to crawford ave north and take a right on harrison st. that will get you within a few blocks, you just need to find parking.

FROM THE L: take the purple line and get off at
central st. Where we line up is about one mile west
from the L platform, so you can walk from there. the
alternative is to get off the purple line at davis st.
and get on a bus (probably the 212??) which goes down grant st. if you get off that bus around hastings st. and walk north, it's only about 3 blocks to where we line up. i don't know about bus schedules and stuff, i personally would just take the walk from central st. (or a ride from me)

WANT A RIDE? i can do a shuttle from the central st L stop if people are interested. you would need to get there no later than 11:45 so i can be at our slot at 12:30 for sure. IF YOU WANT A RIDE FROM THE TRAIN EMAIL ME BEFORE HAND!!

we should probably have some type of similar attire for uniformity's sake, so if you think of it wear a white or light colored t-shirt. (preferably nothing
with a nike logo...oh the irony)

also, if people have old shoes lying around they want to let us use for the duration of the parade, we could make it look like our 'workers' are working on making shoes. (nothing too stinky, folks)

Everyone's invited, so bring your friends! thanks, and i look forward to seeing all those interested tomorrow!



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