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Sunday, July 1: Update from Papua New Guinea

Chicago IMC Global Desk: An update posted Sunday, July 1 to Sydney IMC on the situation in Port Moresby after the anti-WB/IMF protests last week. Includes the UNPG students demands - which still stand.
Sunday July 1 Update: Papua New Guinea Anti-WB/IMF Protests
by Augustine Laime 8:14pm Sun July 1

This morning we heard that the West New Britain student had died in the hospital. That makes 4 students who have died after the police shot them. There may be some other demonstrators who have died, we definately know that a lady was killed at Hohola on Wednesday morning. The newspapers do not count the street demonstrators

There is also two female students who disapeared after the police attacked the Morauta house(government buildings) demonmstration. We think that they were probably killed by police.

For the last two days people from the Moresby suburbs have been colecting money and bringing it to the UPNG campus The people of Port Moresby are demanding that the murdered students are buried at Parliament. There has also been some union work stoppages in protest at the murders. The UPNG students say their demands still stand

The student demands copied from the Post Courier Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta yesterday received a petition from protesters over privatisation and the World Bank’s involvement in the country. The Government was given 24 hours to respond to the demands.

The demands were:

1. TO halt the privatisation of national assets like the PNG Banking Corporation and Air Niugini;

2. STOP land mobilisation and the registration of customary land;

3. FOR the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to leave the country and the Government to cease all borrowings from the bank; and

4. RESIGNATION of the Government if they cannot act on the first three demands.

The papers here have given a reasonable coverage of the situation they are &



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