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Reactionary Elements within the Palestinian Movement

Progressives should know that there are reactionary elements within the Palestinian movement as this article taken from the Hamas website shows
Press statement by Hamas concerning the
Stockholm Conference on the alleged Holocaust of the Jews

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.
Commenting on the international conference in Stockholm on the alleged Holocaust of the Jews during the Second World War, a
responsible source in the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas - made the following statement:
The convening of this conference clearly serves the Zionist aim of falsifying history and obscuring the truth that the so-called Holocaust is
nothing but a baseless, fictitious claim. This malicious conference seeks to reinforce a guilt complex vis-à-vis the Jews in Europe in general
and in Germany in particular, to facilitate the continued fleecing of the world in support of the Zionist entity's expansionism and aggression.
Creating great fantasies about an alleged "crime" that never happened while ignoring the millions of Europeans who died or suffered at the
hands of the Nazis during the Second World War clearly exposes the face of racist Zionism with its belief in the superiority of the Jewish
race over all other peoples.

The attempt to rouse concern over a baseless, fictitious story while overlooking the sufferings of our people, ignoring Zionist massacres
such as Deir Yasin, Kufr Qasim, Tantoura, Jerusalem, the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Sabra and Shatila, not to mention the enemy's massacres
of our Arab people in Bahr al-Baqar, and Qana, and the killing of thousands of Egyptian prisoners of war, etc., all of this confirms that
many western states still are deluded by erroneous Zionist propaganda. As a result, their positions lack credibility and justice as regards
our cause and our people and their on-going suffering. This will never lead to stability in the Middle East region, nor will it obscure the fact
that the Zionist entity was built upon racial discrimination, terrorism and repression.

By means of the Stockholm conference and the tale of the Nazi Holocaust, the Zionist entity practices psychological and intellectual
terrorism. Meanwhile, in Palestine and Lebanon, it practices the bloody terrorism of which it accuses other peoples. We call upon the
countries that took part in this conference to review their positions and not to submit to Zionist haughtiness or to its continued plunder. We
call on free-minded thinkers and writers and the vital forces of the world to work to uncover the crimes of world Zionism against our
people, our nation, and against humanity as a whole, to expose them and not to fear the assault of the Jews, their intellectual terrorism, and
their efforts to stifle voices and keep fair thinkers and researchers from exposing the claims and lies of Zionism. For the Jews in the world
oppose the scientific method of study and research whenever it contradicts their racist interests



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