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Demonstration Against 24 Kt Ironworks, Inc.

When: Monday, July 2, 2001
At 6:30 a.m.

Where: Blue Line CTA Station
On the Corner of Milwaukee and Western
Why are we demonstrating against 24 Karat Ironworks, Inc?

The National Labor Relations Board (the federal agency responsible for enforcing labor laws) is about to issue a complaint against 24 Kt. Ironworks, Inc. for more than 20 violations of federal law, including the illegal firing of four workers from the company.

Earlier this year, several of the workers of 24 Kt. Ironworks sought a raise from their employer. In retaliation, the employer fired two of the employees and threatened to call the INS on others. The workers decided to organize a union with the Ironworkers Local 473, AFL-CIO to protect their rights and improve their jobs. When the employer learned of their organizing effort, she immediately fired 4 more employees. On May 23rd, the workers voted to form a union despite repeated threats from the employer.

The violations of the law continue…since the vote took place, the threats have continued, more employees have been disciplined and fired in retaliation for organizing a union and the employer has refused requests to sit down and bargain in good faith.

Why are we picketing the CTA?

24 Kt. Ironworks, Inc. has a very large contract with the CTA (through Walsh Construction) to provide ironworks (stairs, handrails, etc.) to this and other CTA job sites.. Public dollars should not be going to companies that flaunt federal laws and we believe the CTA should investigate this lawbreaker's illegal activities.

24 Kt. Ironworks should come in compliance with federal labor law or stop receiving public funds!

For more information, contact Rich Carlson of the Ironworkers Local 473 or Chris Williams from The Chicago Workers Center at 312-282-2111.

This is not a strike. This is an informational demonstration only and is no way intended to prevent any person or persons from entering or leaving this site.



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