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Gay Pride Protest Photos: high resolution for download

High resolution photos from June 24, 2001 Chicago Gay Pride Parade protest. (article 8)
Photo captions:

1) State's Attorney Dick Devine telling a radio interviewer, "Everybody has a right to express their opinion." His contingent delayed the parade by over an hour because they dragged a full block or more behind the protesters -- and dallied even more when protesters slowed down repeatedly to give the great man a chance to 'catch up'.
2) Fagtastic!
3) Protesters leafletted extensively along the parade route -- and parade viewers responded accordingly to the information about Devine's atrocious record by routinely booing him along the route.
4) Devine gets the thumbs down and catcalls again along the parade route.
5) Marching in the streets.
6) The Radical Cheerleaders; their sardonic chants kept the crowds along the parade route in stitches.
7) Marching with banners and bikes in the streets.
8) Waiting for Devine near the end of the parade route at Broadway and Diversey. Devine's convertible barreled by protesters a few moments later.
9) Teach these of the many powerful hand-made signs protesters carried along the parade route.



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