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Remember 24kt.? - Latino Union Organizers Still Under Fire

Earlier this year a group Latino of iron workers at a plant in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, began to organize into a union. The process was mired from the start when the company threatened, intimidated and fired workers that were involved in the organizing drive. Some of these threats were made publicly before members of community and faith based organizations who were supporting the workers and were present at the company.
On Sunday June 24 a letter was faxed to the Ironworkers Union which issued a veiled threat to deport the workers.

Dear Ms. [company owner]:
I am writing you this letter to inform you that conversations with other employees have given me reason to believe that you are employing have given me reason to believe that you are employing illegal aliens who used fake documents to gain employment. (Charles?) an agent of the U.S. Immigration Service informed me that you should investigate and correct this matter before the INS conducts their own investigation. He also told me that failure to do so may result in fines against [COMPANY NAME]. Please look into this matter ASAP.
[company employee]



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