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Québécois have understood …

A recent survey done by the research company SOM and published in Montreal’s La Presse newspaper show the collapse of support for globalization in Québec.
It seems that a growing majority of people in the Province of Québec have understood that the neo-liberal globalization plan had nothing good for us the people. The results of this survey enable all anti-globalization movements in Québec to be proud of their work done in recent years and months in informing the people and certainly encourages them to double up their efforts in the future. They are on a good track and should continue the great work ! This is also great news for all of us worldwide to continue our march towards victory !

Here is the translated text that appears on the website of Radio-Canada (french) :

According to a SOM survey done for the La Presse newspaper, the support of Québécois for globalization would at present be crumbling down. Last april, just before the FTAA Summit in Québec City, 60 % of Quebeckers were favorable to the establishment of the FTAA. Today only 40.7 % are still favorable and think that it would be positive for Québec.

Finally, last april some 50 % of Quebeckers still believed that NAFTA was profitable to Québec, today only 31.2 % still believe that.
The survey has been conducted among 968 people between june 15-21 2001.

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