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International News Organizations Ignore Korean War Crimes Tribunal

Not a single word from the media about the International War Crimes Tribunal on US Troop Massacres of Civilians During the Korean War
The International War Crimes Tribunal on US Troop Massacres of Civilians During the Korean War opened yesterday in New York to the defining silence of the international news community, including the IMC.

A search of the web sites for The New York Times, The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, ABC, The Washington Post, The Independent of London and the BBC returned not one article-even a wire story-mentioning on the trial. A search of the New York IMC and global retuned only a press release from the International Action Center about the trial. A search of the Chicago and DC IMC sites returned nothing on the tribunal.

The tribunal is co-sponsored by the Korea Truth Commission, the International Action
Center and Veterans for Peace. The Korean Truth Commission's web site declares that the tribunal is a `historic gathering represents a yearlong effort to reveal the truth of the U.S. military's civilian massacres during the Korean War, expose the crimes against peace and humanity committed by the U.S. government since the war, and mobilize against the Bush administration's attempt to derail Korean reunification with its Cold War propaganda and threats against north Korea.`

The list of International jurists includes: Henry Alleg, well-known writer and former co-editor of L'Humanite (Algeria); Edith Ballantyne, former International President of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF); Dave Dellinger, co-chair, Toward Freedom (USA); Ambassador Benjamin Dupuy, Haiti Progres (Haiti); Ishmael Guadalupe, Committee for Rescue and Development of Vieques (Puerto Rico); Thomas Gumbleton, Bishop, Detroit Diocese of the Catholic Church of USA; George Hage, Member of Parliament, French National Parliament; Angeles Maestro, Spanish National Parliament; Anselmo Lee, Pax Christi (Korea); Michel Maertens, Federal ?Parliament of Belgium -Senate; Elmar Schmaehling, former German Navy Admiral, PDS (Germany); Karen Talbot, International Center for Peace and Justice; Lucius Walker, Pastors for Peace (USA); Brian Willson, Veterans for Peace (USA), among others.

Similar peoples tribunals were set up to try the US for war crimes committed against during NATO`s war against Serbia in 1999 and Vietnam. The tribunal against Vietnam (recorded in the book Against the Crime of Silence) was greatly demonized by the press as it convened and it seem that the global media have learned that keeping the public ignorant ensures bliss.

After today's testimony the tribunal becomes a mobile demonstration traveling to Baltimore where a rally is planed. It will then proceed to Washington, DC were on June 25th the judgment of the tribunal will be delivered at the US Congress. The group will then move on to the a rally at the White House.



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