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Who`s Really Preparing for War at G8 Summit

Flying fish and paint v. Helicopter, aircraft and naval boats

The London Times opened up a Saturday report by stating that up to 4,000 protesters will use "catapults and battering rams to smash through a ring of steel in the city center" of Genoa, Italy during protests against the G8 defining it as "warfare".

"The anarchists are preparing to use battering rams to force their way past similar obstacles in Genoa and are building giant catapults to hurl objects such as dead fish and paint at police, according to the city's newspaper," the Times reported in the fifth paragraph.

In the tenth graph of an 11 paragraph story the Times discloses who`s really preparing for war writing that "Up to 20,000 police and troops will be deployed, as opposed to 2,000 in Gothenburg. They will be backed by 15 helicopters, four aircraft and seven naval boats."

* The BBC reported on June 21 that Italian authorities have ordered 200 body bags as they step up preparations for a violent confrontation at next month's G8 summit



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